Barry & Michele Birdwell

Founders & Co-CEO


RRCA Level II Certified

Coaching Philosophy

We are open responsive and welcoming to all skill levels and strive for continual growth. Embracing diversity, equity, inclusion, technology, and sport physiology. It is important to us to promote community camaraderie and activities that lead to a lasting healthy lifestyle.

Athletic transformation comes from deliberate practice and achievement comes from realistic progressive goals. Well-formed goals are incremental, challenging and balanced by desire and inherent ability. To reach goals plans are created with workouts the athlete likes as well as what they need.

We know our bodies are complex and multifaceted wonders with a natural ability to adapt to many environments and circumstances. To that end we leverage physical and emotional development to improve performance. Physical adaptations improve strength, efficiency, endurance, and speed. We build confidence and diminish fears by celebrating incremental achievements, having fun, and leading with compassion.

The road athletes and coaches travel on is a two-way street. Our destination is guided with consistent feedback packed with truth and honesty. We celebrate along the way with good news and make hard choices of redirection when safety and wellbeing are in jeopardy.

Ultimately, we coach and lead with direction and deliver opportunity. Our direction facilitates a guide for specific execution. We deliver opportunity for the athlete to learn how and why we prescribe each science supported workout. When the athlete is able to make wise choices about their training when we are not around, that is a true win-win.

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